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Advance Equity Practices in Your United Way and Community

United Way’s Equity Playbooks are how-to guides that provide actionable steps and practical guidance for your United Way to integrate an equity lens into your core organizational and business processes. Based on input from local United Ways, the Playbooks provide key steps, tools, and examples to strengthen organizational practices related to equitable resource investment, creating impact agendas, and authentic resident engagement. Leverage the Equity Playbooks and adapt the practices based on your specific organizational and community context.


Equitable Resource Allocation Playbook

Integrate equity as a process and outcome into your community investment efforts, whether you are just getting started or have already made changes to your allocations process. This playbook provides resources to assess your current investment practices, suggested action steps to revise or develop your grant application, tips for improving community outreach, and guidance for announcing awards and tracking progress. 

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Equitable Impact Agendas Playbook 

An impact agenda is a comprehensive set of related focus areas, goals, approaches/programs and intended results that your United Way create community change. Vital to advancing equitable change in community is engaging residents, partners, donors, and others to develop goals, strategies, programs to explicitly addresses persistent gaps and disparities.  This Playbook will help you integrate equity as a core principle of developing your community impact agenda, whether you are just getting started, or revisiting an existing one. This playbook provides resources to assess community impact practices, suggested action steps to revise or develop your impact agenda, examples from other United Ways, and guidance and tips for every step along the way.

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