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Organizational Assessment


Setting A Baseline:
Initial Organizational Assessment

A core element of the Modern United Way is adopting a growth mindset. This organizational assessment intends to help your United Way understand areas of strength and areas of challenge related to how you are explicitly integrating an equity lens in your work with the community. An honest assessment of where you are will help you identify areas for needed growth and potential action steps to help you move towards this.

Building elements

Suggested Guidance For Completing This Assessment

  1. Provide an opportunity for leadership and staff to complete the assessment on their own using the rating scale below.
  2. After providing ample time for leadership and staff to complete the assessment individually, gather staff and leadership that represent every functional area to share and reflect on their responses.
  3. Anticipate that there will likely be differences of opinion on elements of the assessment. Assign a skilled facilitator (internal or external, depending on what will work best for your culture), to help surface and navigate these differences. Allow sufficient time for differences to be heard and encourage leadership and staff to be as specific as possible.
  4. Take the overall tally and identify areas of strength and challenge.
  5. Drive the conversation towards areas of needed growth and brainstorming specific action steps that the organization might prioritize.
  1. Consider taking a balanced approach between action steps that are “quick wins” to build confidence and buy-in for this work, and longer-term activities that might yield lasting results.
  2. The equity levers in this framework are modular. Your United Way leadership and staff should feel free to prioritize your reading of this document by your lowest-scored equity lever.
  3. Repeat this assessment over time and see how your scores change.
  4. Rating Scale:
    • 5 = Always
    • 4 = Often
    • 3 = Sometimes
    • 2 = Rarely
    • 1 = Never
    • Unsure
Building elements
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