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Equity Toolkit – Overview


Advancing Equity In Your Organization

Content integrated from the Equity Toolkit is designed to build the internal capacity of local United Ways to become more equitable ORGANIZATIONS. This includes strategies, tips, process related to implementing equitable internal practices in hiring, retention, promotions, organizational leadership, board representation and all internal United Way work processes.

This toolkit is designed to support you in being bold and effective on your race, equity and inclusion journey. It focuses on what you might consider “getting your own house in order”—building our understanding of the core issues; building our organizational capacity to focus on race, equity and inclusion; and creating supportive and thriving work places for our staff so that we can mirror an inclusive culture as we go out into the community.

Whether your United Way is small or large, with few or many staff, you’ll find guidelines, tools and stories here to support you on your journey. Please dive in. Get ready and practice equity daily! The UWW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Community Impact Teams are also available to support your thinking and practice. If you’re reading this toolkit in hardcopy, you can request a PDF version from the UWW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team. That will enable you to use the many links that are embedded throughout the document.

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